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Problem 265: Karol Mlynka - Fairy (Chameleon pawn, neutral Royal pawn)

mlynka(27.10.2013) Help-selfmate by Karol Mlynka from Slovakia with two solutions with reciprocal minor chameleon promotions and third solution with major chameleon promotions which complete an AUW.


1.b8cS c1cB 2.cSd7=cB cBxe3=cR 3.cBh3=cR+ cRxh3=cQ#

1.b8cB c1cS 2.cBxe5=cR cSe2=cB 3.cRh5=cQ+ cBxh5=cR#

1.b8cR h1nrcQ 2.nrcQa1=nrcS c1cR+ 3.cRb1=cQ+ cRxb1=cQ#


Chameleon Pawn: a pawn which can promote only to Chameleon piece

Chameleon piece: a piece which change its nature on every own move (usually) in the following sequence – Knight>Bishop>Rook>Queen>Knight

Royal piece (pawn): a piece which move normal, but has a function of King

Neutral piece (pawn): a piece which can be moved by white and black 


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