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Problem 269: Karol Mlynka - Fairy (Pressburger King, Dummy)

mlynka(02.11.2013) A non standart fairy problem by Karol Mlynka from Slovakia...



   1.Kg7? (zz)

1...Se6+ 2.K(=S)xf5 (zz) Sd4 3.Se3 (zz) S~ 4.Sc2#, 1...Sf3!

   1.Kg5! (zz)

1...Se6+ 2.K(=S)f3! (zz) S~ 3.Se1 (zz) S~ 4.Sxc2#

1...Sf3+ 2.K(=S)e6! (zz) S~ 3.Sc5 (zz) S~ 4.Sxb3#

Echo model mates. Rex solus.(Author)


Pressburger King (SuperTransmutingKing): King which definitively takes up the nature of the checking piece (and thus loses his royal status).

Dummy: A piece with no moves at all. It may be captured, gain temporarily moving ability by relay, or pushed or pulled around by other pieces if there are pushing or pulling pieces on the board. 


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