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Problem 273: Pierre Tritten, Kenneth Solja & Diyan Kostadinov - Fairy (Circe Clone, Anti Circe Clone)

trittenksoljadiyan(07.11.2013) Commenting Pierre's problem n.270 we found interesting possible variations for presentation of the conditions Anti Circe Clone and Circe Clone, so we decided to publish the final version as a join problem here.



a) 1.Sf3 Re1+ 2.Kd3 Re3# [3.Kxe3(bK=rR>h8)??]

    1.d4 Rf2 2.d3 Bd4# [3.Kxd4(bK=rB>f8)??]


b) 1.Sc2 Kc3 2.Sxa1(wB=S>g1) Rf3# [3.exf3(wR=P>f2)??]

    1.d1Q+ Kb4 2.Qxa1(wB=Q>d1) Qd2# [3.Kxd2(wQd1)??]


2x2 thematic connected solutions in the twins:

- in a) bK can not capture the mating piece because after the transformation and return

it will be selfcheck by the another white piece. Change of functions between wB/wR

- in b) two different black pieces "gives" their nature to the wB.

Four specific fairy mates. Interesting twin form with two anti-forms of the same condition.



Anti Circe Clone:A capturing piece (including King) takes the nature of the captured piece and then goes to its Circe rebirth square. The checking/mating piece do not take the nature of the King and its returning square is according its own nature. 

Circe Clone: when a piece is captured (King excluded) it takes the nature of the capturing piece, then it reappear on its game-array square if it is empty, otherwise the captured piece vanishes. The pieces captured by King do not transforms to his nature and returns as itself. 


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