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Problem 288: S. K. Balasubramanian & Diyan Kostadinov - Fairy (Anti Circe Clone)

balasubramaniandiyan(13.12.2013) Anti Circe Clone is very popular in recent months. Here are presented interesting pins by the white King and exchange of functions between two pairs pieces.


1.Re1 Sxf2(S=B-c1) 2.Kxd2(K=rP-d7) Ba3=  [3.R~??]

1.Be1 Sxb1(S=R-h1) 2.Kxe3(K=rP-e7) Rh6=  [3.B~??]

Exchange of functions between bR/bB and wS/wS,

pins of bR/bB (pinned by the wK) (Authors) 

Anti Circe Clone:A capturing piece (including King) takes the nature of the captured piece and then goes to its Circe rebirth square. The checking/mating piece do not take the nature of the King and its returning square is according its own nature.


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