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Problem 298: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover

makaronez(28.12.2013)  Threemover with difficult key and nice Royal battery play by Leonid Makaronez from Israel.


   1.Qe1? (2.Rxe5+ dxe5 3.Qe4#), 1…dxc5!

   1.c6? (zz), 1…b3 2.Kc3+ Kxe4 3.Qd3#, 1…gxh3 2.Ke3+ Kc5 3.Kxf3#

1…Sc2 2.Qxc2/ 2.Kxc2+,   1…g3!

   1.Re1? (zz), 1…Sc2 2.Kxc2+ Kc4 3.Re4/Qd3#, 1…g3 2.Qxf3+ e4+ 3.Qxe4#

1…dxc5 2.Ke3+ Kc4 3.Qd3#, 1…gxh3 2.Qxf3+ e4+ 3.Qxe4#, 1…e4+!

   1.Bg1!! (zz), 1…Sc2 2.Kxc2+ Kxe4 3.Qd3#, 1…g3(gxh3) 2.Ke3+ Kxc5 3.Kxf3#

1…f2 2.Ke2+ Kxc5 3.Bxf2#(2…Kxe4 3.Qd3#), 1…b3 2.Kc3+ Kxe4 3.Qd3



0 #1 seetharaman 2013-12-28 19:12
Nice WK play, but I would have preferred to block c3 with white pawn and have only the variation 2.Kc2 + as the mate after 2.Kc3+ is the same.
0 #2 Nikola Predrag 2013-12-28 19:23
It is a nice problem but why "difficult key"?
Does it have some arbitrary aesthetic meaning?
After a minute of analysing the set-play, it's clear that nothing is prepared for 1...g3.

1.Bg1 is a very NICE key which gives a new possible (line-closing) move to Black. But it's an EASY key.
0 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-12-28 22:40
Well, Nikola, I am not so good solver, but the key looks nice to me. You said that there is not prepared mate on 1...g3, but in the beginning the solver don't know that is zuzgzvang problem and don't know that should prepare mate to all initially possible moves.
Yes, the pieces on the board and the options are not so many, so probably it is not so difficult the key to be found, but probably it is really the most difficult one - the Bishop goes back without visible reason and giving another possible black move in zugzvang position, so I can call it "difficult key" for sure (in my opinion).
0 #4 Nikola Predrag 2013-12-28 23:56
The key is EXCELLENT, showing a bit of paradox. wB avoids the attack by 1...g3 but allows line-closing with unguard of c5 and even stronger attack 1...f2, threatening the checking promotion.

"Difficult" has a relative meaning, therefore it's not good for an objective comment. If you say it's difficult, I understand that you could not find the key at least for 15 minutes and I might accept that it is your personal experience and a consequent opinion.
But without serious and hard thinking, there's no personal opinion, only prejudice.

I am afraid that we too easily distort and ignore the meaning of the words and basic concepts. I don't see that anybody cares much about it in modern world. So I apologize for warning too often of it and I intend to avoid such way of commenting.
+1 #5 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-12-29 01:29
You don't need to apologise Nikola! Your comments are always interesting and useful. I am sure that the authors are happy when see more opinions to their problems. All opinions and comments are always welcome!
+1 #6 seetharaman 2013-12-29 16:52
Quoting seetharaman:
Nice WK play, but I would have preferred to block c3 with white pawn and have only the variation 2.Kc2 + as the mate after 2.Kc3+ is the same.

After I tried, I find that it is not so simple to block c3 due to other difficulties!

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