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Messigny 2014

messigny(08.05.2014) Here are the announcements of the Messigny 2014 tourneys (Helpmates, Fairy and Retro). Hurry up - the deadline is 10.05.2014 (18:00h)!

The Macedonian Problemist - 15JT

themacprob(05.05.2014) The Macedonian Problemist announces a jubilee tourney to mark the 15th anniversary of the publication of its first issue.

Andon Petkov - 100 MT 2014

apetkov2(07.04.2014) To mark the 100th anniversary of birth of his father, Andon Petkov, and the 70th anniversary of his tragic death, IGM Petko Petkov announces an international tournament for composing of HS#(HS=, HS==) problems.


zabunovlogopp(22.03.2014) Here is the Award of the Vladimir Zabunov - 85 MT 2014! The tourney was announced in 2013 which was the 85 anniversary year of Zabunov's birthday. I thank all participants and congratulate the awarded composers! Many thanks to the judge IGM Petko Petkov for his Award which is open for claims for next 30 days.

KoBulChess Threemovers 2013 - AWARD

logo(11.03.2014) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Threemovers 2013! Many thanks to the judge Yakov Rossomakho for his quick and excellent job! The Award is open for claims for 30 days period after the publication and will become final after that.

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