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Juraj Lorinc - 40 JT 2013

juraj  This is the announcement of Juraj Lorinc - 40 JT 2013. The formal anonymous tourney is announced in two sections.



Section A is dedicated to compositions with any antagonistic stipulation (#2, #3, #n, s#, r#, =n, etc.) showing the following content. In a threat (main threat, threat in the variation), White plans to arrive on the line X of lion or Chinese piece during threat and exploit the activation of the line X. Black defends the threat by anticipatory arrival on the line X, counting upon line deactivation after arrival of White in the threat try. However, White exploits to his advantage the fact that the line X is already activated by the defence.

Section B is dedicated to helpmates of any length. All mates should be by double-check (or even multiple-check) with active use of pin of the black piece B. That means that without pin the piece B (other than the black king) could successfully parry all checks at once. Also, „the pin“ is understood freely for the purpose of the tourney, meaning any arrangement of pieces where specific move of the black piece (other than the black king) would introduce new attack on the black king, not existing in the mating position. In both sections any fairy elements are allowed.

In both sections any fairy elements are allowed.

Judge: Juraj Lorinc, jubilee and International Judge of FIDE for fairies.

The entries should be sent to tourney director Juraj Brabec, Svetla 3, SK-811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Closing date is 17. 9. 2013.

Prizes: 50 EUR for each section.

Example for section A


Example for Section B


(In this article are used materials and photo from Marianka 2012 Bulletin, link:



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