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Alex Ettinger 90 MT 2013

chessfairy(23.01.2013) The Israel Chess Composition Society is announcing a composition tourney to commemorate the 90's birthday of Alex Ettinger (1923-2005). Alex, born in Frankfurt, Germany, immigrated to Israel in 1933 and was a dedicated member of Israel Chess Composition Society.



Required are fairy-miniatures with free theme. All types of problems are accepted but with at least one fairy condition and one fairy piece.

Judge: Michael Grushko.

Please send entries to the director, Paz Einat ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 45a Moshe Levi St. Nes Ziona, 74207, Israel).

Closing date: 30.11.2013





   1) a) 1…nPh2-h1=nS 2.Ke4-f3 nSh1-g3=nB 3.nBg3-d6=nR nRd6-d1=nQ+

4.Kf3-g3 nQd1-d8=nS 5.Kg3xh3 nSd8-c6=nB [+nPg1=nR] 6.Kh3-h2 nBc6-h1=nR#

       b) 1….nPh3xg2 2.Ke4-d5[+nPf3] nPf3xg2 3.Kd5-c5[+nPf2] nPg2-g1=nB

4.Kc5-c6 nPf2xg1=nB 5.Kc6-c7[+nBg2] nBg1-a7=nR+ 6.Kc7-b8 nBg2-a8=nR#

   2) a) 1…Se4 2.Ke5 Sxd6+ 3.Kf6(e7) Sb7 4.e6 LOxe6-e7+

5.Kxe7(d7) Sd8(LOg8) 6.Ke8 Sc6#

       b) 1…Sd5 2.Ke4 LOxd6-c6 3.Kd3(c5) LOxc5-c4+ 4.Kxc4(b6) Sb4(LOa3)

5.Kb5 Sa6 6.Ka5 Sc7#


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