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8th Thematic tourney Quartz - new fairy condition "Memory Circe"

quartzThe Romanian chess-problem magazine Quartz has dedicated its 8th Thematic Tourney to a new fairy condition: Memory Circe. There are two sections (retro and non-retro). The combination with other fairy pieces and / or conditions is accepted.

Memory Circe: Any capture triggers the rebirth of the piece previously captured, on the same square where its capture occurred (if it is not occupied), regardless the color or the type of the unit just captured. The reborn piece resumes its normal course. If the square where the capture occurred is occupied, then the captured unit is annihilated. A unit can exist in memory before the actual play starts.
Long Memory Circe: As above, with the following difference: if the rebirth square is occupied, the unit is not annihilated, but instead continues to be kept in memory. (In LMC is thus possible to have two or more pieces being reborn simultaneously!).

Judge: Paul Raican

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Closing date: 31.01.2012






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