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31st TT Chess Composition Microweb


   Chess Composition Microweb announces formal thematical tourney for fairy helpmates in any number of moves (i.e. h#n with at least one fairy element present, n can be any) showing set play besides real solution. The set play can be of any length, from one halfmove long to one halfmove less than the normal solution, the important difference is the other side starting.

 Judge: Vlaicu Crisan (Romania)

Any fairy conditions and any fairy pieces are allowed. The tourney might be divided to multiple sections if enough problems are received and depending on the opinion of the judge.

Entries should be sent by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before October 10th, 2012.

The award will be published at Chess Composition Microweb.


Juraj Lorinc

 696 Harmonie 66 - June 2001


h#3*  (1+1+3)


3 neutral lions

1...Kf6 2.nLIc4 nLIb5 3.nLIbg5 Ke5#
1.nLIf8 Kd4 2.Ke6 nLIc5 3.nLIee7 Ke5#
1.nLIg7 Ke4 2.Ke6 nLId5 3.Kf6 Kf5#


Alessandro Cuppini

dedicated to Juraj Lorinc

2nd Prize 7th TT CCM C 31.8.2001 - help section h09


h#4*             (7+14)

2+2 grasshopper, 0+1 nightrider

1...Gf5 2.Nh7 Gg5 3.Geg6 Gh5 4.Gd7 Gh8#
1.Gg6 Gf5 2.Bd7 Gh5 3.Ne6 Ge3 4.Gh7 Gh8#


Konstantin Stoychev

3rd Comm Sachmatna Misl 1979


h#6             (4+7)

 Double maximummer


                          1.Sf5 Sc5 2.Sd6 Sb7 3.Sxb7 cxb7 4.g1S b8S 5.Sf3 Sd7 6.Sh4 Sf6#


Chris Feather

Scrapings 2001


h#9*             (2+3)

1.Ga5 Kg4 2.Kg2 Gh4 3.Gg3 Kf5 4.Gg5 Gf6 5.Ge5 Ke4 6.Gh2 Kd3 7.Gc3 Ke2 8.Kh1 Kf1 9.Gg7 Gh8#





+1 #1 seetharaman 2012-03-13 18:51
The scope is so wide. Perhaps a limit on length would be more interesting.
+1 #2 dkostadinov 2012-03-13 19:22
Actually the themes which are not so strict are with more opportunities for the author's fantasy, so I like them.

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