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WCCC Bern 2014 - Report 2

5(26.08.2014) In this second report from Bern you can see the most interesting from 25.08.2014 including a lot of new photos.




The Open solving was held from 09:30. 104 solvers from 24 countries had to solve 12 problems within 3 hours. The winner is Anatoly Mukoseev from Rusia. Second is Bojan Vuckovic from Serbia and third place was for Kacper Piorun from Poland. You can see whole results and the problems in the oficial website.


Here are some more photos:


Zvonimir Hernitz, Thomas Maeder, Franz Pachl, Mike Prcic



Marjan Kovacevich with his wife Milica


At the evening was lectures:


John Roycroft: Stinking Bishops



Dmitri Turevsky: Dynamic diagrams on a website



Mark Erenburg: A selection of Uri Avner's problems


After that there was the prize giving of the Israeli Open Solving Tourney 2014:


Anatoly Mukoseev (2nd place), Paz Einat (organizer), Marjan Kovacevic (received the medals which the Serbian solvers won), Piotr Murdzia (the winner)


Today (26.08.2014) was the 1st day of the 38th WCSC. After few hours will be more lectures (including my own about selfmates, which will be published in the website most probably tomorrow).



+3 #1 Siegfried Hornecker 2014-08-26 17:30
The lectures of AJR and Mark Erenburg look very interesting to me, I wished I could have attended them! Thank you for the nice photos and report!
+3 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-08-26 17:44
Nice photos! Thanks. Lot of surprises in the Open solving. Some experts missed the #2! But under time constraint, it is understandable!

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