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Problem 590. Kostas Prentos - Fairy (KoKo Chess)
kostas.prentos(06.06.2015) Excellent fairy Tanagra with three echo solutions by Kostas Prentos!
1.Rd2 Ke1 2.Kc2 Sb2 3.Rd3 Sc4 4.Kd1 Se3#
1.Re2 Se3 2.Kd2 Sc2 3.Re3 Sd4 4.Ke1 Sf3#
1.Rf2 Kg1 2.Ke2 Sd2 3.Rf3 Se4 4.Kf1 Sg3#
The selfmate is forced by means of Zugzwang: The only contact move that does not expose the black King gives a fatal check. Threefold exact echo mates, achieved without any repeated moves throughout the three solutions. (Author)
Koko (Contact Chess): A move is legal only if at least one of the squares adjacent to the arrival square is occupied (i.e. a piece, having moved, must be in contact with another). This applies also to the Kings: A King is not in check, if his capture leaves the capturing piece isolated.


+3 #1 Toshiji Kawagoe 2015-06-08 02:17
Triple echo mates! It's a great achievement!

When I have read the definition of Koko for the first time, it seemed to me that it restricted each piece's mobility too much and I wondered what we could do with it.

But by a fine example of Mr. Prentos, I realized that I had to reconsider such a view. Thank you very much for enlightening me about the possibility of Koko condition!
+2 #2 Kostas Prentos 2015-06-09 04:30
K?Ko is indeed a very restrictive fairy condition. As such, it makes the composer's task easier. Helpselfmates are also more restrictive than helpmates and allow to express (or keep sound) ideas that are impossible to show in helpmates. Keeping these thoughts in mind, I would consider this problem as a clear and economical presentation of the composer's idea in three phases and not much more than that. Yet, I am pleased to find out that my problem had a positive impact to at least one of the readers. Thank you for your kind comment.

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