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Problem 873: Viktoras.Paliulionis - Helpmate
viktoras.paliulionis(31.12.2017) An excellent miniature minimal from the Lithuanian master with a surprising second move, the purpose for which is very obscure!
873. Viktoras Paliulionis
H#9                     (2+5)
1. Qb8 Bxh7 2. Kb2 Bc2! 3. Kc3 Bd1 4. Kd3 Kg6
5. Ke4 Kf76. Kf5 Ke7 7. Kg6 Bh5+ 8. Kh7 Kf7 9. Qh8 Bg6# 


+3 #1 Vitaly Medintsev 2017-12-31 09:20
But why not black rook on b2?
+3 #2 Viktoras paliulionis 2017-12-31 17:38
Thank you, Vitaly. You are right. bR can be on b2. I saw that, but I forgot to change before sending.

I had other version with additional wP on f5 and with stipulation h#9.5 1... Bxf5 2..., but decided that this first move nothing gives for the problem. In that version bQ was necessary.

There is also other version with wB rundlauf instead of switchback, but a longer solution with switchback is probably more surprising. Both versions have some different nuances, I really do not know which version is better.

873. Version

h#7.5 (2+4)

1. ... Bf7! 2. a3 Be8 3. Ke6 Kb3 4. Kd5 Kc2 5. Kc4 Kd2 6. Kb3 Ba4+ 7. Ka2 Kc2 8. Qa1 Bb3
+1 #3 Vitaly Medintsev 2017-12-31 17:43
Both versions are pretty pleasant. A hard choice for the judge :-)

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