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Problem 955: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
kenan.velikhanov.new.docx(28.12.2018) Helpmate with four solutions, King Star and corner to corner play by Kenan Velikhanov.
955. Kenan Velikhanov (Azerbaijan)
H#2     b) Sd5-d4     (6+6)
2 sol.
a) 1.Qxh2 Qh8 (A) 2.Kh1 Qxh2#   1.Kh3 f3 2.Qg2 Qh8# (A)                                                                                             
b) 1.Kf1 Qa8 (B) 2.Bxe2 Qxh1#  1.Sxe2 h3 2.Kf3 Qa8# (B)                                                                                                                   
Six sweeping moves of the queen from corner to corner with alternation from the first and second moves,change of function of white pawns, King Star, Umnov, self-block on the same square.  

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