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Problem 292: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate

janevski(19.12.2013) Helpmate of The Future with two pairs thematically connected solutions by Zivko Janevski from Macedonia.


1.Bxc2 Rd5 2.Bc2-d3 Re5#

1.Be3 Ba4 2.Bb1xd3 Bc6#

1.fxg4 Kd7 2.Kf5 Rd5#

1.f4 gxf4 2.Be3 Rd4#

Two pairs of thematically connected solutions with using of same initially white battery mechanism Bc2/Rd3. Zilahi with alternate capture of white battery pieces, “Many ways” theme and black self-block are shown in the 1st pair. 2nd pair presented black self-block and white battery double-check mates. (Author)



+2 #1 eugene rosner 2013-12-20 04:28
What a find! Beautiful with wonderful economy and a perfect HOTF double pair. bravo Zivko!
+1 #2 Nikola Predrag 2013-12-20 15:55
The main idea and play are indeed beautiful. But the "same way" Bc1-e3 twice, with the same purpose, is a great trouble, particularly in h#2.
And black sacrifices in both phases in the 2nd pair would go better with two white sacrifices in the 1st pair.
B:Sf5, Ke4,Qg4,Rf3,Bb1
1.Bxc2 Rd5 2.Bd3 Re5#
1.Re3 Ba4 2.Bxd3 Bc6#
1.Qf4 gxf4 2.Se3 Rd4
1.Sxd6 Kd6 2.Kf5 Rd5#
+1 #3 Vitaly Medintsev 2013-12-20 16:42
Good economy and content. There is a slight disharmony on B1 (unequal outgoing/incoming effects) in the second pair of solutions.
+1 #4 Vitaly Medintsev 2013-12-20 22:04
Nicola's version is nice. Here we have a Meredith position and self-blocks of e3 square by different black pieces as an additional effect. B1 looks more harmonious in the second pair of solutions. Well done!
0 #5 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-01-01 23:05
Here is the Nikols's version with a diagram: prntscr.com/2fphei

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