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Symmetrical Circe and AntiCirce by Sebastien Luce
sebastien.luce(26.10.2014) Here is an excellent article about Symmetrical Circe and Symmetrical Anti Circe by Sebastien Luce. It includes 48 (!) examples of many different type problems including 16 (!) originals which will take a part in the KoBulChess Fairy Informal tourney 2014.
To see the article CLICK HERE.
Many thanks to Sebastien for this first article which he prepared for KoBulChess website and also thank to Pierre Tritten, Chris Feather and Geoff Foster for their collaboration!


+3 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-10-26 05:00
Nice article with excellent selection of problems. So many originals also! Thanks Sebastien Luce!

Popeye calls it "Symmetry Circe" which is short and descriptive, so why a different name?
0 #2 Luce 2014-10-26 08:36
symmetrical is "symmetrique" in French !
but there is no great difference
0 #3 Paz 2014-10-27 10:12
Indeed a very nice article and, as Sebastien writes, it is "very interesting for composers" as it provides a very broad field of possibilities. I'll be happy to have a full definition though. For example, in regular circe, if the rebirth square is occupied the captured piece disappears. In problem #7 by Mario PARRINELLO in both mates the queen can be captured but, apparently, since the rebirth square is occupied (automatically, due to the capture on the mating move) the queen cannot be captured.
+1 #4 Paul Raican 2014-11-02 16:58
The triple Grimshaw is fantastic (problem n.5, Poisson & Rotenberg). Note: 1...Rd6 (not 1...Bd6) 2.LEf8‡

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