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Задача 222: Alberto Armeni - Fairy (Parry Series)

armeni(26.07.2013) Задача от вида parry series от Alberto Armeni от Италия.


   1.Re7 2.Re6+

2...Ka5 3.Bf2 4.Bxd4 5.Bc3+ Qxc3#

2...Sb6 3.exf6 4.Re5 5.Bxc4+ Sxc4#

2...Bb6 3.Rc6 4.Bxc4+ Ka5 5.Rc5+ Bxc5#

Pser: A parry series-mover differs from a standard series-mover prior to the last move as follows:

-the series-side may give check during the series;

-when checked, the idle-side must immediately parry the threat;

-a parry-move may be helpful or defensive, depending on the problem-type;

-after a check-and-parry, the series-side continues the series.

Every Pser problem combines two stipulations:

Part 1 – Pser, which indicates the special series play with participation of both sides according to the author’s definition;

Part 2 – the kind of problem, according to well known stipulations, which can show direct play (n#, n=, s#, s= r#, r=, etc), help play (h#, h=, h==, etc) or mixed play (hs#, hs=, hs= =, etc). 


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