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Задача 396: Paul Raican - Fairy PG (Annan Chess)

raican(22.05.2014) Феерична задача от вида Proof Game с Annan Chess ефекти и теми Ceriani-Frolkin, Phoenix-Pronkin от Paul Raican.






1.f2-b6 d7-h3 2.d2xd8=S! hxg2 3.Sxb7 gxh1=Q! 4.Sb7xa8 Qxa8

5.b7 a7-a4 6.bxa8=R! Bb7 7.Qd4 Bb7-a5+ 8.e2-d2 a4xc2 9.Qa7 cxb1=S!

10.Ra8-h1 Sa3 11.a2xa3.

Ceriani-Frolkin SSQ, Phoenix-Pronkin R. (Author)

Annan Chess (Southern Chess):A unit (Kings included) one square in front of a friendly unit moves in the manner of the rear unit, not as itself. For white, affected units are on the same file and one rank higher, for black they are one rank lower. Transference of powers is only to the next unit: with 3 friendly units adjected in a file, the 3rd moves as the 2nd, the 2nd moves as the 1st. The Pawns on their first rank are immobile.


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