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aleksey.oganesyan(26.01.2015) .
1.Rb8! Ra7 2.Rb7 Ra5 3.Rf7! Rg5 4.Rf5 Rg3 5.Rb5! Ra3 6.Rb3 Ra1 7.Rg3! Rh1#
Meredith. White minimal. Model mate.
Very precise rooks maneuvers without captures:
Snaky staircase of wR: Rg8-b8-b7-f7-f5-b5-b3-g3
Snaky staircase of bR: Rh7-a7-a5-g5-g3-a3-a1-h1
The maneuver Snaky staircase is a hybrid of a snake and a staircase :)
Maximummer:Black must play the geometrically longest move or may choose from among longest moves of equal length, distances being measured from the center of each square. Diagonal and oblique distances are measured from the orthogonal coordinates by using Pythagoras theorem (take the square root of the sum of the squares of the orthogonal distances). All other orthodox chess rules apply.

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