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Задача 535. Karol Mlynka - Fairy (Winged King, Back to Back, Haaner Chess)
karol.mlynka(17.02.2015) Феерична задача от Карол Млинка с 8 решения оформени в тематично свързани двойки.
a) 1.Bb5 WKb4 2.Bf1 WKg5 3.f4 WKf3#
b) 1.Bf5 WKf6 2.Kg3 WKe5 3.Kh4 WKf4#
c) 1.g3 WKe4+ 2.Kf4+ WKf5+ 3.Kh3 WKg1#
d) 1.Ke1 WKe2+ 2.Kh2 WKg5 3.Ph4 WKh3#
e) 1.Be4 WKh2 2.Bh7 WKg7 3.Kg2 WKg3#
f) 1.Bc6 WKxc6+ 2.Kb7+ WKb8+ 3.Ka7+ WKa8#
g) 1.Ba8 WKc4+ 2.Kb5+ WKb6+ 3.Ka6+ WKa7#
h) 1.Be3 WKe4 2.Bd5+ WKc5 3.Kd3 WKd4#
Rex solus with  switchback of White or Black (a, b), long moves of bK (c, d), four successive checks (f, g) and hurdle creation of bB  (e, h). (Author)
Winged King: piece moving like a Queen until it reaches an occupied square (the hurdle). Then, from that square, it makes a "King" move.
For example with a winged King (black or white) in a1 and a Knight (black or white in g7), the winged King can go in f8-g8-h8-h7-h6-g6-f6-f7. In Popeye it is named "Royal Marguerite"
Back-to-Back: When pieces of opposite colors stand back-to-back with each other on the same file, they exchange their roles. P on the first rank cannot move. Any piece can make an en passant capture when it is given a power to move as P by BTB.
Haaner Chess: any already left square can not be neither occupied nor crossed.

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