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Задача 594: Cornel Pacurar & Adrian Storisteanu - Fairy (Super Circe)
cornel.pacurar(12.06.2015) Много Супер Цирце ефекти, образуване на батареи и смяна на функциите от канадският тандем. [На снимката е Корнел, Адриан все още запазва анонимност ;) ]









a) 1.Ba6xb5[+bSe4]! –> 1.Bc4xb5[+wBa6] 2.Bb5xd7[+wRb5] Rb5xb3[+bPd2]#
b) 1.Ba6xb5[+bSe2]! –> 1.Qd4xd7[+wRd8] 2.Qd7xb5[+wBd7] Bd7xf5[+bPe3]#
In each phase white blocks, in its first (bS rebirth) and last (bP rebirth) moves, two bK flights – d2 and e4 in a, e2 and e3 in b. The field to be blocked by the bS must be chosen with care:
a) 1.Ba6xb5[+bSd2]? . . . Rb5xb3[+bPe4]#?? Sd2xRb3[+wRb5/..]!
b) 1.Ba6xb5[+bSe3]? . . . Bd7xf5[+bPe2]#?? Se3xBf5[+wBd7/..]!
Delayed effects: the refutation for the incorrect placement of the bS (done in the introductory move, before the batteries are even set up) is only revealed at the very last possible moment: the post-solution Supercirce dismantling of the double-check battery mates.
All-captures series-mover. The play is characterized by Supercirce capture side effects: white’s effecting ‘self’-blockings of the bK, black’s building of the white batteries, the antidual motivations (the misplaced bS destroys the mate by resetting the battery through rebirth of the firing piece). The two batteries are being set up in a similar fashion: on the second series move the front piece is reborn on the field previously occupied by the rear piece and just vacated by the capturing black piece. The bB and bQ exchange battery-building and blocking roles.
1 –> ser-h#2: a white help move is followed by a regular series-helpmover in two – w b b w#.
Supercirce: the capturing side chooses the captured piece to be either permanently removed or reborn, as part of the move, on any unoccupied field of the chessboard (without causing selfcheck/mate). Pawns reborn on their deemed promotion rank must be immediately promoted to a unit chosen by the capturing side; pawns reborn on their first rank become immovable and have no powers.

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