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Chess problems
Problem 1011: Dragan Stojnic - Helpmate
dragan stojnic(20.12.2019) Dragan Stojnic's new helpmate is full of hideaways! Of course it also shows Zilahi, black correction, Ambush play and bi-color Umnov. So much in two moves!
Problems 1009 & 1010: Aleksandr Pankratiev & Evgeny Gavryliv - Helpmate
aleksandr.pankratievevgeny.gavryliv(20.12.2019) Welcome to Evgeny Gavryliv from Ukraine! Together with the co-author Alexander Pankratiev they present us two nice helpmates with Alexander's favourite Rook + Bishop play.
Problem 1008: Alexander Shpakovsky - Threemover
alexander.shpakovsky(20.12.2019) An interesting threemover by Alexander Shpakovsky with change of function of white moves, Umnov, line clearance and annihilation!
Problems 1006 & 1007: Janos Csak - Helpmate
janos.csak(13.12.2019) Anoter two nice helpmates from the Hungarian master showing echoed mates!
Problem 1005: Dragan Stojnic - Twomover
dragan stojnic(11.12.2019) Welcome to the Serbian master who comes back after a long break. He contributes a beautiful twomover showing the Zagoriko theme with the original feature of obstruction try and key!
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