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Problem 306.1: Zivko Janevski & Nikola Predrag - Helpmate

janevski(04.01.2013) Helpmate of The Future with 2+3 solutions connected by the Abdurahmanovic theme - a masterpiece by the Macedonian Grandmaster Zivko Janevski!

After the publication of the problem it was improved and the author replace it with the version 306.1. It is join composition with Nikola Predrag.


5 x unpins of wR and two systems of thematically connected solutions,

I – mates by both battery pieces on the bK’s initial square

II – 3 x different battery mates by the same white battery.

Abdurahmanovic theme (unpin of wRd4 on four different ways: direct + indirect unpin by the Black initiative and direct + indirect self-unpin by the White initiative) connected both systems! (Authors) 



+2 #1 Nikola Predrag 2014-01-05 00:48
The 5th solution is necessary for indirect self-unpin to fulfill the theme, but it would be nicer without it. It requires bBa8,bPa7 and wPa5 (instead of bPb6). The only interesting move is thematic 1...Sd4 but wS acts as a Dummy in the mate. It doesn't seem that excellent white mechanism is used in a best way.
An example:
White Kh8 Sd6 Sb5 Rd4 Bf2
Black Pe6 Qg6 Pa5 Kc5 Pf5 Ba4 Rb3 Ba1
0 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-01-05 09:21
3+2 is better. Thanks, corrected.
And here is a link to your version with diagram: prntscr.com/2goeko
+1 #3 Vitaly Medintsev 2014-01-05 10:51
Good version!

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