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Problems 580 & 581: Nikola Stolev & Zivko Janevski - Helpmates
nikola.stolevzivko.janevski(16.05.2015) The "organized disharmony" become more and more popular in Helpmate genre. Here you can see two new originals with it by the famouse macedonian composers.
1.Sd1 (Sd~) c4 2.Bb6 cxb5#
1.Sc4! Bf3 (c4?) 2.Bc5 exd5#
1.Sxf5! Bg4 (c4?) 2.Sd6 Bd7#
Organized disharmony. Black S-Correction. (Author)
1.Rc4 (R~) Rxd7 2.Qd3 Re7#
1.Rc5! Sf2+ (Rxd7?) 2.Kxd4 Ra4#
1.Rc6! Sg5+ (Rxd7?) 2.Kxd5 Ra5#
Organized disharmony. Combination of Black R-Correction with R/R duel, black anticipatory self-pin and mates by the same white piece (Ra7). (Author)


0 #1 Anatolii Vasilenko 2015-05-17 07:04
Авторы внесли интригу - что же в таком случае они послали на Белградский турнир?
По-видимому, следует ожидать очень высокого уровня конкурса BIT 2015.
0 #2 Marjan Kovacevic 2015-05-17 20:53
580 is not thematic for BIT 2015! The positive and negative effects of moves 1.Sc4! and 1.S:f5! are different in different phases.
On the other hand, 581 is absolutely thematic for BIT 2015. Moves 1.Rc5! and 1.Rc6! produce the same effects: unguard of flights d4 and d5. These effects are negative in the first (primary) phase, and positive in other two phases.
I'm afraid there will not be many entries for BIT 2015. Only 1 has been received till today!
0 #3 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-05-18 16:25
Marjan Kovacevic's nice comments about 581. I am quoting from the website matplus.net/.../

For the purpose of BIT 2015 theme, I will add more details to solutions of his 581:
1.Rc4 (R~) Rxd7 2.Qd3 Re7# (1.Rc5? Rxd7 2.Qd3 Re7 3.Kxd4! 1.Rc6? Rxd7 2.Qd3 Re7 3.Kxd5!)
1.Rc5! Sf2+ (Rxd7?) 2.Kxd4 Ra4#
1.Rc6! Sg5+ (Rxd7?) 2.Kxd5 Ra5#
The negative and positive effects of move 1.Rc5 are identical: allowing d4 flight to BK. In the same way, 1.Rc6 presents "contrasting effects" of allowing d5 flight.
The form of Black correction is not needed for BIT 2015, but it nicely links all 3 phases.

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