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Problem 633: Dragan Stojnic - Fairy (Help Retractor)
dragan.stojnic(02.12.2015) A non standart problem by Dragan Stojnic - a translation task which shows Retro Valadao + 2 pawns double-step.
a) -1.0-0-0 & 1.Sd1#
b) -1.f2-f4 & 1.f3#
c) -1.e2-e4 & 1.Re3#
d) -1.gf6 ep & 1.R:g6#
e) -1.b7-b8L & b7:c8S#
Translation task (even five twins, all pieces up from one to four row) in this help retractor condition (White retracts his last white move and then #1). Also problem shows Retro Valadao theme (castle, en passant, promotion) + 2x pawns double-step. (Author)
Previous example is by Adabashev M. (only four twins):

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