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Problem 689: Igor Agapov - Threemover
igor.agapov(30.12.2015) Welcome to the Russian expert Igor Apagov. Happy to publish this great task of quadrupling the Zabunov theme! We are sure that this will be a sensation in the years to come!
689. Igor Agapov (Russia)
#3                              (16+8)
     1.f4!  (2.Rd2+! e4 3.Sde5#)
1...Kxc6 2.Rc2+! e4 3.Sb6# (2...d5 3.Sdxe5#)
1...Ke4 2.Rf2+! Kxf5 3.fxg5# (2...Kxd3 3.Rd2#)
1...Sb5 2.R2xg5+! e4 3.f6#
 1...Sxe6 2.Qxe6+ Ke4 3.Rd2#!
1...Rxb4+ 2.Sxb4+ Ke4 3.R2xg5#!
1...e4 2.Qxb7 [3.Sb6#], 2...S~ 3.c7#!

Zabunov theme The front piece (A) of a (usually white) battery (X) becomes the rear piece of another battery (Y) by playing behind the front piece (B) of the new battery. For the first time in threemovers the theme is implemented in 4 variations -Task!

The additional play: Second  thematic moves  (Rd2, R2:g5) become mating ones with the change of mates on 2...Ke4. 

The previous achievement: A. Kuzovkov (MT A. Galitsky-150, 2014, 1 prize) - yacpdb-377817- three (3) thematic variations.

The second move being mate in another variation is also a theme which is again gaining popularity now. (Seetharaman)



+1 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2015-12-29 22:57
Actually the threemover with this theme by Vladimir Zabunov (3rd Prize, Probleemblad 1963 or 1964) has even 5 variations with Zabunov theme, but with repetitions of two thematic moves. You can see it in the biography of Vladimir Zabunov here - just click on his name in the left side of the website where are the "Bulgarian composers" module.

So the clear realisation by Igor Agapov is excellent task with 4 unique variations without repetitions!

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