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Problem 989: Gennady Koziura - Selfmate
gennadi.koziura(21.05.2019) Selfmate with original complex by Gennady Koziura.








989. Gennady Koziura (Ukraine)
S#6 vv                           (13+6)
   1.Rf3? Rxb5!
   1.Sc3? Rxa6!
1...Rxb5 2.Qc6+ Rc5 3.Sd3 Rxc6 4.Sb6+ Rxb6 5.Sb2+ Rxb2 6.Be2+ Rxe2#
1...Rxa6 2.Bf7+ Re6 3.Rf3 h5 4.Kf4 h6 5.Sb3! аxb3 6.Qe2+ Sxe2#
For the first time two model mates not at the end of the board with the theme of the WCCT-10 with R+S. (Author)

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