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Problems 1009 & 1010: Aleksandr Pankratiev & Evgeny Gavryliv - Helpmate
aleksandr.pankratievevgeny.gavryliv(20.12.2019) Welcome to Evgeny Gavryliv from Ukraine! Together with the co-author Alexander Pankratiev they present us two nice helpmates with Alexander's favourite Rook + Bishop play.
1009. Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
& Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)
H#3.5          2 Sol.             (3+8)
1...Bc2 2.Kf3 Ra1 3.Ke2 Bb1 4.Kd1 Bxd3 #
1...Bxd3 + 2.Kd4 Bxf5 3.Re5 Re3 4.Rc5 Rd3 #
Feather theme, Helpmate Indian.Kozhakin theme. Klasinc theme (B-R)
Model mate ?2. Battery mate. Mates on the same square ? 2. (Authors)
1010. Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
& Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)
H#3      b) Pc5-e3        (4+13)
a) 1.Kd5 e3 2.Qc4 Bxd7 3.e5 Bc6 #
b) 1.d5 Rh1 2.Kb6 Rc1 3.Qa5 Rc6 #
Baltic theme (Authors)

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