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New version 4.0 of ChessComposer - the app for smartphones
logo(15.11.2014) I make this announcement with a big pleasure – here is the new (and the most powerful) version of the chess composing app for Android OS smartphones (and tablets) ChessComposer v4.0!! You can see all new features here, to download a freeware version of the app and to start composing immediately everytime and everywhere directly on your phone!
New features in version 4.0:
- Now two fairy conditions can be used (second list with conditions included)
- Shortcut for solving settings: press circle piece button for ~ 2 seconds
- Solving settings are persistent between problems
- Popeye solution is visible and scrollable under the diagram (entire solution may be visible along with diagram in some big sized screens)
- Shortcut to view piece and square mappings: press triangle piece button for ~ 2 seconds
- New board colour added: green
- Board/Square size change option extended to 40-140 (useful for latest smartphones with giant screens)
- New stipulations added: R#2, R#3
- Solution animation with Dmitri Turevski’s Py2web
- New conditions: Annan Chess, Back to back, Face to face
- More options in the free version
You can see the new updated ManualCLICK HERE
You can download the FREEWARE version ChessComposer v4.0 from here. Just open the article from your smartphone and CLICK HERE.
If you want to receive the full version (it cost 10 Euro) - please contact me by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or buy it directly with the button Buy Now on the left side of the website.
Our thanks to:
Thomas Maeder and the whole Popeye team for their excellent program
Ilja Ketris (the creator of Ankona project) for his help
Dmitri Turevski – for his excellent py2web utility which allowed us to include solution animation
Please share with us your opinion about the app. This help us to improve it. You can write comments under this article. I hope ChessComposer will be useful for you as it is very useful to me and almost all my new problems were composed on my phone... 


0 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-11-15 17:06
If you want to see the solution of a problem on animated diagram with moving pieces on the board - start the solving process from the Side Menu.
If you do not need it and just want a quick solving to see the solution - start the solving process from the direct access button - press and hold for about 2 sec. the circle button under the diagram.
+2 #2 Amador Cuesta 2014-11-22 03:45
Are you going to include and sell this highly interesting app on Google Play?
+2 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-11-22 06:11
Hello Amador and welcome in KoBulChess website!
It is not necessary to include the app in Google Play because our chess composition community is not so big and the app is specific, it is not for the mass.

But you can download the free version directly from the article above or if you want to buy the full version you can do it directly from the button Buy Now on the left side of the website and I will send it to you by email. It is very easy way.
Later I send all new improved versions to composers also by email.
+2 #4 Pedro Canizares 2014-11-23 01:49
Hola Diyan
Mi amigo y especialista en ajedrez electronico y ajedrez portable Amador Cuesta Robledo me ha hablado de tu excelente programa ChessComposer 4.0.
Yo soy el presidente de la S.E.P.A. ( Sociedad Espanola de Problemistas de Ajedrez) y estaba interesado en saber hasta cuantas jugadas puede resolver ChessComposer 4.0 en los problemas de mate directo, mate de ayuda y mate inverso.
Me parece una aplicacion muy interesante y que puede sustituir al pc, no siempre tienes la oportunidad de acceder a el y esta aplicacion seria un sustituto ideal para cuando estas fuera del hogar.
Utilizo varios dispositivos Android y una iPad Air, ? Puedo instarlarla en mis diversos aparatos o solamente en uno?

Pedro Canizares Cuadra

0 #5 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-11-23 03:01
Hola Pedro!
Gracias! No hay problema para usar el programa en varios dispositivos, siempre y cuando estan con el sistema operativo Android. Puede instalar la version gratuita del programa en cualquier dispositivo desde el enlace en el articulo anterior. Y si quieres la version completa, que resuelve tareas a 4 platos - Puedo enviarle el archivo 2 - uno para instalar en su telefono y otro para la tableta.
La version completa del programa se puede pedir a boton "Buy Now", que esta en el lado izquierdo de la pagina. El precio es de 10 euros (y te enviare archivos para dos dispositivos)
Saludos: Diyan
+2 #6 Branislav 2014-11-24 09:46
Hi Diyan, your program ChessComposer is very useful and I enjoy using it! Thanks to it I continue to compose more often than earlier. I have a question: is it possible to set up permanently board color (I like the blue one) and board size. Always when I start program standard setting appears: gray color and 90 size (I prefer 80) so I need to change every time. Regards, Branislav
+1 #7 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-11-24 10:33
Hello Branislav. I am very happy that the app is useful for you.

Even now the app settings are permanent and you can open it every time with the board size and color which you were selected. Usually the Android OS phones have two important buttons: "Back" button which lead the phone (or app) one step back; main "Close" button for direct closing apps.

So to prepare ChessComposer to remember your settings do this:
- Select the size and color of the board which you want. Also can put some piece.
- Press the "Back" button several times till the app is closed.
- Open the app again. It will be with the initial settings, so select again the size and board color which you want. That is! Now the app always will start with the settings which you selected. BUT (!) - you should close it ALWAYS from the main "Close" button of the phone!
If sometime you close it from the "Back" button by mistake - no problem. Just repeat the same steps.

Try it and tell me is it OK. I tested it with many phones and it works.
+2 #8 Branislav 2014-11-25 09:12
Hi Diyan, yes you are right. Now it works about color settings and table size. But now I have another remark. When I shift position up, down, left, right and let program to solve it everything is OK. But when I rotate position it does not work. True, there is message near by: "This function does not support rotated diagrams, please restore to 0 degree!" Please, try to develop this very important function in further version of your program. Regards, Branislav
+2 #9 Dirk Borst 2014-12-05 21:56
Hi Diyan this looks really fantastic!! :-)
Is it available for Apple iPhone & iPad als well? (iOS 8)
Best wishes,
Dirk Borst.
0 #10 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-12-05 22:56
Thank you Dirk! We are still not ready to make it for iOS. First of all - we continue to improve it and planning new even more improved version for Android OS. (For example - more big size pieces which are needed if the app is used with a tablet instead of smartphone etc.)

We are very thankful to all composers which send to us ideas for new improvements! Many of them are included in this or will be included in the next version. Of course not all is possible... Hope to receive more opinions and ideas!

Branislav, many thanks for your opinion too. About your question: each piece can be rotated and all pieces (position) can be also rotated, these are so many calculations for the app when it generate the Popeye Input file, so for now only 0 degree diagram is supported and the developer can not program it for the next version. But who know, probably in the near future it will be included too, but for now there are some other new features which should be programmed. Hope even now the app is good enough and useful for you and other composers.
0 #11 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-12-30 21:21
Pedro Canizares: "Fantastic. Very complete and useful.
A very good product."

I received this comment today. Thank you Pedro! I am happy that you like the app.

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