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Problem 402: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate

velikhanov(05.06.2014) Another original by Kenan Velikhanov from Azerbaijan showing a new theme "Karabakh". The pattern of white moves is AB/BA/AC/CA. 






1.Bc6 Rxc4+ (A) 2.Kd5 Bf7# (B)

1.Rb3 Bf7 (B)  2.Rd3 Rxc4# (A)

 1.Kd5 Rxc4 (A) 2.Be5 Se3#  (C)

1.Kxc5 Se3 (C) 2.Qd6 Rxc4# (A)

The new theme Karabakh offered by me in 2013.  One white piece moves to the same square in four phases alternating with moves of two other white pieces (Author)


+2 #1 Rajendiran Raju 2014-06-05 17:31
Karabakh or Kabarakh which one is correct ?
What is the meaning and its belongs to which language ?
+2 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-06-05 18:13
Thanks Raju. Since corrected. I think it is russian.
+4 #3 Xirdalan 2014-06-05 18:26
Dear Raju!
Karabakh word consists of two parts. Kara is a Turkish word meaning great, and bakh - the garden. This is a wonderful area, which is on the territory of Azerbaijan.
+2 #4 Rajendiran Raju 2014-06-06 16:20
Dear editor Thanks for the Correction !

Dear Xirdalan Thanks for the information !!

Nice Problem blooms from the right Place !!!
+4 #5 Kostas Prentos 2014-06-06 17:08
I do not speak any Turkish, and there may be other meanings, but I believe the word kara means black. I know that from a popular Greek shadow-puppet, Karaghiozis, whose name is Turkish (Karagioz meaning black eye or dark eye)

About Karabakh, here is a short summary from Wikipedia:
Karabakh is a geographic region in present-day southwestern Azerbaijan and eastern Armenia. The word "Karabakh" is generally believed to originate from Turkic and Persian, literally meaning "black garden".
+3 #6 Xirdalan 2014-06-06 17:34
"Kara" - possibly one of the most frequent common Turk space for ambiguous words. Here are some of its values??, "chief", "great", "great", "powerful", "north / north", "earth", "land", "firmament" (in starotyurkskom had the same meaning "stone") , "black", "dark". With regard to natural objects or phenomena - a river, lake, winter, snow - "kara" acquires meaning "stormy", "deep", "cold".

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