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Problem 1001: Klaus Forster - Twomover
klaus.forster(13.11.2019) Welcome to Klaus Forster! He present us a nice twomover with reciprocal changes and flight-giving key.
1001. Klaus Forster (Germany)
#2* v                                    (11+9)
Set: 1...Bd3 2.exd3#
Try: 1.Bb4? (2.Qd4)
1...Sxe2/ bxc5b 2.Qxb3A/ Qd5B#, but 1...Bd3!
Sol: 1.Bc3! (2.Qd4)
1...Sxe2a/ bxc5b/ Bd3/ Kxc3 2.Qd5B/ Qxb3A/ Qxd3/ Qd4#
Reciprocal change of mates, with an additional change after 1...Bd3 and two flight-giving first moves. I think it is a nice problem which can gladden the solvers. (Author)

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