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WCCC - Batumi 2013 (Part 3) The Winners of Composing Tourneys

win(28.09.2013) Here are the winners of many Composing tourneys during the WCCC in Batumi 2013. Enjoy!


Sabra Tourney

Theme: H#2 with black tempo move in each phase.

29 entries. Judge: Menachem Witztum

1.Rde2 Sb2 2.Sf6 (Sb6? Sxe5?) Sc4#

1.Rfe2 Sf2 2.Sb6 (Sf6? Sxe5?) Sg4#

1.Se2 Sf4 2.Sxe5 (Sf6? Sb6?) Sd5#

Vodka Tourney

Theme: S#3-6 with white or black diagonal-orthogonal idee.

18 entries. Judge: Andrey Selivanov

*1…Qh1 2.Qg5+ Kd4 3.Rf4+ Ke3 4.Rxf2+ Kd4 5.Se4+ Kd3 6.Rf3+ Be3#

1.Qd6? (zz)

1…Qh1 2.Sd5+ Kd2 3.Rxf2+ Kd1 4.Rd2+ Kxd2 5.Qb4+ Kd1 6.Se3+ Bxe3#, 

3…gxf2 4.Qf4+ Kd1 5.Se3+ Kd2 6.Qxf2+ B(R)xf2#, but 1…Qxh3!

1.Sa4? (zz)

1…Qh1 2.Bd4+ Kd2 3.Bxf2+ Kc1 4.Qc4+ Kd1(d2) 5.Qe2+ Kc1 6.Be3+ Bxe3#, but 1…Qxh3!

1.Bc2! (zz)

1…Qh1 2.Qg5+ Kd4 3.Rf4+ Ke3 4.Rxf2+ Kd4 5.Sab5+ Kc4 6.Rf4+ Bd4#

1…Qxh3 2.Qe5+ Kd2 3.Se4+ Ke3 4.Sxg3+ Kd2 5.Se4+ Ke3 6.Qg5+ Rxg5#

White and black creation and play of diagonal-orthogonal batteries.

Change of white continuations. Open of black lines with passive annihilations.

White switchbacks – S-e4-g3-e4 and R-f4-f2-f4.

Moskovskaya Matreshka

Theme: Helpmate in 2 moves with a special twin form: in mating position the color of mating piece is changed to black.

20 entries. Judges: Valery Gurov & Boris Shorokhov  

a) 1.Qg5 e4 2.Qh6 f5# 

b) 1.in mate position bl.Pf5, 1.Rg3 e5 2.Rg5 Sf8#

c) in mate position bl.Sf8, 1.Sh7 e6 2.Bf6 Bf7#

d) in mate position bl. Bf7, 1.c4 e7 2.Sf8 exf8S#


Bulgarian Wine Tourney

   Theme: direct #, H#, S#, HS# problems in 2 to 3 moves with the combination of fairy conditions Take & Make and Anti Take & Make.

60 entries. Judge: Diyan Kostadinov

a) 1.Kxe4(wSg5,bKg3) Kxd4(bSf3,wKf5) 2.Sxf1(wBe2,bSg2) Bxf3(bSh2,wBh4)#

b) 1.Sxf1(wBc4,bSd3)+ Kxb4(bSc2,wKd5) 2.Kxe4(wSc5,bKc3) Bxd3(bSb2,wBb4)#

c) 1.Kxe4(wSf2,bKd2) Kxd4(bSc2,wKf3) 2.Sxf1(wBc4,bSd3) Bxd3(bSc1,wBe1)#

Three Echo model mates and maximum (12) thematic captures – excellent!


The winners in Section B are two very similar fantastic problems with mates on the four corners. One of it is with the maximum of 16 (!) captures, but the other is in Tanagra form.

a) 1.nSxf6-g6(nRf3) nBxg6-e5(nSe7)+ 2.Kxe5-h8(nBg3) nRxg3-h4(nBe5)#

    1.nBxh5-f4(nSg3) nBxg3-e4(nSe2)+ 2.Kxe4-h1(nBg6) nRxg6-h5(nBe4#

b) 1.nSxf6-f5(nRd6) nSxd6-d2(nRa6)+ 2.Kxa6-a1(nRe6) nBxe6-e5(nRa6)#

    1.nSxf6-b6(nRe6) nBxe6-h6(nRe3) 2.Kxb6-a8(nSd7) nBxe3-e4(nRa3)# 

a) 1.nRxg6-f8(nSf4) nBxf4-d5(nSe2)+ 2.Kxd5-h1(nBg8) nRxg8-h7(nBd5)#

    1.nBf4 nSxf4-d2(nBe5)+ 2.Kxe5-a1(nBb8) nRxb8-a7(nBe5)#

b) 1.Kxe5-f7(nSd7) nRxh6-f8(nBe3)+ 2.Kxf8-a8(nRf2) nBxf2-f3(nRa2)#

    1.Kxe5-d7(nSc6) nRxc6-d8(nSe7)+ 2.Kxd8-h8(nRd2) nBxd2-d4(nRh2)#


Sake Tourney

Theme: H#2 with the new fairy condition Face to Face.

33 entries. Judges: Tadashi Wakashima, Yuji Kikuta & Masato Yoshii

1.Rd4 Se3 2.Se6 Be1#, 1.Rg4 Be3 2.Be6 Se1#

1.Se6 Se1+ 2.Kd4 d3#, Be6 Be1+ 2.Kg4 g3#

Tzuika Tourney

Theme: HS# or HS= with at least two switchbacks in eack phase and at least two phases.

28 problems. Judges: Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber

1…Rxc6 2.e7 Sxf4 3.e8Q Sd5 4.Qe5 Rd6 5.Qf4+ Sxf4#

1…Rxe6 2.c7 Sxe3 3.c8Q Sd5 4.Qc1 Rd6 5.Qe3+ Sxe3#


a) 1.Bb5 Nxb7+ 2.Kg3 Nf5+ 3.Kg4 Se2 4.Bd3+ Nb7#

b) 1.Sa5 Nxc7+ 2.Kh3 Ng5+ 3.Kg4 Sg1 4.Sc6+ Nc7#



+2 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-09-27 23:36
The complete Award of the Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013 will be published in this website in 2-3 days. Excuse me about this unusual delay, but in last moment I received so many entries and was not able to prepare the whole award for publication in such a short period. Thanks to all participants!
+3 #2 Petromir Panayotov 2013-09-28 11:38
What about "Gia Nadareishvili MT"? Do you have any information by chance? I submitted one endgame study there, but there's still nothing on the official site. Thank you in advance.
+1 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-09-29 01:05
Dear Petromir, the "Gia Nadareshvili MT" is with 23 entries. The winner is Richard Becker. Your study won a Special Commendation. Congratulations!

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