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KoBulChess Threemovers 2014 - Award
logo(28.01.2015) This is the award of KoBulChess Threemovers 2014. Many thanks to the judge Henk le Grand for his fast work! The award remains open for one month period.
Award: Threemovers KoBulChess 2014
Only three of the nine threemovers have enough quality to be awarded. These three are really good problems, valuable for a decoration.
I make the following ranking.
1st Prize: n 397 Mikhail Marandyuk
1.Sd4? A (2.Bd7,Sb5,Sc6)
1…Sxd4 2.Re5+ Bxe5 3.Se3#, 1…Bf4 2.Sb6+ Ke5 3.Sc6#, 1…Bf7! A
1.Bd4? B (2.Se3#), 1…Sxd4 2.Re5+ Bxe5 3.Se3#, 1…Bf4! B
1.Bd7! (2.Sd4 A, Bd4 B Sxd4 3.Sb6#)
1…Bf7 a 2.Bc6+ Ke6 3.Sd4# A pin, 1…Bf4 b 2.Sb6+ Ke5 3.Bd4# B pin
(1…d2 2.Rxe2 d1Q 3.Bc6,Sb6#)
A good achievement of a very difficult task. The moves Sd4 and Bd4 (A and B) occur as first move in the tries, as second moves in the threat of the solution and as mates in the thematic variations.
Moreover we see the Wladimirov theme ( 1.A? a! , 1.B? b! 1.S. 1…a 2.A 1…b 2.B).
An impressive work with modern elements.
2nd Prize: n 390 Zoran Gvrilovski
1...Bf3 2.gxf3 (3.fxe4#/Qg4#) Se6 3.fxe4#
1...Se6 2.dxe6 ~ 3.Rc5#
   1.Qh4! (2.Re5+! Kxe5/fxe5 3.Qxf6#A/Qxe4#B)
1...Bf3 2.Qxf6+AKg4 3.Qxf3#
1...Se6(xe8)/Sxh5 2.Qxe4+ BKg5 3.Qe5#/Re5#
The changed continuations between set and real play seem to be a little occasional. More interesting   is the play in the thematic variations after the key. In one variation pawn f6 is removed and pawn e4 is pinned. In the other variation this is reciprocally exchanged. The removal of a pawn is used as line opening.
So it is a nice problem with classic and modern elements.
Honorable mention: n 307 Miodrag Mladenovic
1…Re3a2.Rd5A~3.Rd8#, 2…Se6/d73.Bd7#
   1.Bf6!(2.Bd7+Sxd7 3.Re8#)
1…Re1b2.Rd5A~3.Rd8#, 2…Se6/d73.Bd7#
Reciprocal exchange of continuations on the second moves is not a simple task. Here it is done with simple elements. There is missing some harmony between the variations. The problem is a little dull.
Judge: Henk le Grand - International Judge of FIDE
Wageningen 11.01.2015


+2 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2015-01-30 14:16
Hm, whats happen with the threemovers originals? Last 2 years the tourneys of the website KoBulChess in sections Fairies, Helpmates and Selfmates are very strong and with very good level, but the orthodox twomovers and especially threemovers are with very few entries. What is your opinion? Why composers of these genres are not so active?

I remind to the composers that all orthodox twomovers and threemovers are highly welcomed for publication in KoBulChess! The judges are excellent experts and the editor Seetharaman Kalyan works fast with the originals publications.
+2 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-01-30 16:21
I have a couple of two-movers with me which will be published next week. No stock of 3-movers at present.
+2 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2015-01-30 19:42
It's OK, but from about 30 published originals in January still no one is threemover and this looks bad.
There are many great composers in this genre so I hope that threemovers are not in some deep crisis and activisation will follow soon.
+3 #4 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-01-31 10:33
More 3-movers are of course very welcome, and will be published quickly.
+5 #5 Juraj Lorinc 2015-01-31 23:51
Just on Friday after our meeting of composers I have remarked that I have just received 14 helpmates for PAT A MAT from one composer, a lot of work to do. Our editor of #3 has immediately countered that he would be happy to receive two #3 from one composer within year. The current trends are alarming...

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