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Petko Petkov - world champion again!

pp(31.07.2011) The results of the World Championship in Composing for Individuals for the period 2007-2009 have come out. The most titled Bulgarian chess composer gm Petko Petkov, has proved again his high standing and won the World title in the part “Fairy problems”! It is the fourth cup of this kind won by grandmaster Petkov and he is the leader in the World ranking on points from the FIDE albums.

   The victory of the Bulgarian grandmaster was peremptory and he left behind the second one in the ranking, Peter Gvozdjak, with three points! Here are the problems with which Petkov won the World title:

        No.1 Petko Petkov

      Problem Paradise 2009                                

         ded. to Paul Raican

No.2 Petko Petkov 

Tzuika-TT Rio 2009

2nd Prize

image002                          image004

   hs#3*                      (11+5)

Take & Make Chess                                 

hs#3       b) Kh8-h7    (3+5+5)

Take & Make Chess

Nightrider f5, Lion h1

       No.3 Petko Petkov 

       Tzuika - TT Rio 2009

              1st Prize

  in mem. of Danka Petkova                  

No.4 Petko Petkov 

StrateGems 2007

1st Prize

image006 image008

   hs#3.5    2 solutions   (7+8)

hs#4        2 solutions      (7+8)

       Take & Make Chess



         No.1 1…Rxe2-e5 2.Be3 Qc7 3.bxc7-Pc2+ Rxe3-b6#

                  1.Qg5 Bxd4-f2 2.Re3 Qe6 3.fxe6-b3+ Bxe3-e5#

         No.2 a) 1.nNe3 bSg5+ 2.Qxh4-f3 Rg3 3.nBxe3-a1+ Kxg5-h3#

                 b) 1.nBd6 nSg6+ 2.Qxh3-f4 Rg4 3.nNxd6-b4+ Kxg6-h4#

         No.3 1…Rg7 2.Rb4 Sc6+ 3.Kxc6-d4 Kxb1-a3 4.Rb7+ Rxb7-b4#

                 1…Bf6 2.Bb4 Sc8+ 3.Kxc8-d6 Kxc2-a4 4.Bc3+ Bxc3-b4#

          No.4 1.Be5 Rb8+ 2.Bc7 bb8+ 3.Kb6 d4 4.Rh1+ Bxh1#

                  1.Re7 Bc8+ 2.Ra7 Rb7+ 3.Ka6 f5 4.Bg7+ Rxg7#



+5 #1 Steven 2011-08-20 09:38
Excellent problems!
+4 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2011-08-20 15:31
Yes, Steven, - the Petkov's compositions are always intersting and in perfect form...
+4 #3 seetharaman 2012-03-22 12:13
Very nice problems. Interesting that they were all Helpselfmates.

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