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Great success for Bulgaria at the World Championship!

wfcc(18.07.2013) The results of all sections of the World Championship in composing for individuals 2010-2012 are now a fact. The participation of Bulgarian composers is very successful, as they have earned three medals! This practically ranks Bulgaria (by total number of medals) immediately after Russia and Ukraine - countries with huge chess traditions and it is a great success to the fact that there are currently only a few active Bulgarian chess composers.

The championship was attended by 227 authors with 2213 chess problems divided into 8 sections.


ppOnce again GM Petko Petkov confirmed his exceptional class becoming the World Champion for "Fairy" problems! The second is Vlaicu Crisan from Romania and the bronze medal is for Peter Gvozdjak from Slovakia. This is the fifth title for the most prominent Bulgarian chess composer of all time, which has in its assets also an Olympic gold medal in 1990 and he is the winner of the blitz Olympic tourney in 1972. He is the leader in the international ranking for FIDE Album points (there are published the strongest chess problems in the world for the period) for a more than 30 years and currently with more than 120 points ahead the second - Michel Caillaud from France! 

Practically Petkov is the creator of the Fairy chess composition in Bulgaria. He publishing the first Bulgarian problems in this field in 1956-1957 and later actively supported the other our composers - Mihail Popov, Venelin Alaikov, Vladimir Zabunov, Krassimir Gandev, Ivan Ignatiev, Diyan Kostadinov...


N.BeluhovThe participation of the youngest Bulgarian chess composer - Nikolai Beluhov is also outstanding - he won the silver medal in the "Retro" section! The winner is Dmitriy Baibikov from Israel. This is another great success for Nikolai, who in 2010 won the second place in the World Cup. Significant fact about his class is that all his six problems that he participated in the tournament with are qualified within the FIDE Album!


diyan kDiyan Kostadinov is among the winners in the "Selfmates" section - a bronze medal! The winner is Andrey Selivanov from Russia. This ranking is a new high for Diyan after he won the Olympic silver medal in 2010 and two second places in the World Cup in 2010 and 2011. By taking part in this World Championship Kostadinov qualified 12 of his chess problems for FIDE Album and with total of 20.5 points covered the title "FIDE Master", becoming the fifth Bulgarian with international title for chess composition!


gandevIM Krassimir Gandev was ranked 17th place in the "Fairies" section, which is below expectations for his class, but the positive is that he qualified three of his problems for FIDE Album, which moved him closer to the coveted Grandmaster title.


Borislav Atanasov is the 59th in the “Threemovers”section, 92nd in "Helpmates" and 42nd in "Studies".



You can find more information about the WCCI 2010-2012 in the website of WFCC - just click HERE.

Congratulations to all successful performing composers and wishes for many more creative success! 



+4 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-07-18 23:52
The article is now updated. Congratulations again to all winners.
+5 #2 seetharaman 2013-07-19 12:30
Congratulations to the Bulgarian composers and to the world champion Petko Petkov for yet another title !
+5 #3 seetharaman 2013-07-24 17:33
With so much talent, not participating in WCCT ....
+3 #4 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-08-23 05:04
With a big delay - thank for your congratulations Ram! About WCCT - with a very few composers and practically with no one in orthodox sections we don't believe that Bulgaria have chance for successfull participation in WCCT (well - if there is a separate award for each section - it's a different story... but with the current regulations many countries with just few composers practically do not have any fair chances)

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