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WCCC 2018 - Highlights and another great success for GM Petko Petkov
wccc2018petko.petkov(19.10.2018) The 61th World Congress of Chess Composition and the 42nd World Chess Solving Championship was held in Ohrid (Macedonia) a month ago. Here you can see some of the most important decisions and four 1st prize winner problems of the congress tourneys by GM Petko Petkov - yet another great success for the top Bulgarian Composer!
WCCC Ohrid 2018 - Highlighs and Decisions (Info from the WFCC website):
26 member countries were present. Neal Turner acted as substitute secretary.
WCCI: Selection of the judges for the 2016-18 WCCI was finalized. The announcement of the championship will be issued by the end of September and the closing date will be 20.1.2019. The results will be published on the site by the end of June 2019. 
FIDE Album: Theme indexers are expected to finish their work by the end of 2018 and the 2013-15 album is scheduled to be ready in the 2019 congress. Selection of the section directors and judges for the 2016-18 album was finalized. The fairies section will be split in two groups (one group for fairies without conditions, and the other for fairies with conditions). The announcement of the 2016-18 album will be issued in early January 2019 with a closing date of 1 June 2019. 
With regard to the rule for the number of allowed entries (30 entries, as a maximum, to each section or 3 times the number of selected compositions in that section in the previous album that the composer participated) it was agreed to change the last part of the rule to “…in any of the previously published albums.” 
The presidium for the years 2019-2022 will be: Harry Fougiaxis (President), Thomas Maeder (1st Vice-President and Treasurer), Vidmantas Satkus (2nd Vice-President), Luc Palmans (3rd Vice-President). Georgy Evseev, former 2nd Vice-President, was nominated Honorary Member of the WFCC. 
15th International Solving Contest (ISC) on 27.1.2019, directors Axel Steinbrink and Luc Palmans. 
14th European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) in Glyfada (Athens), Greece 3-5 May 2019 
62nd World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and 43rd World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) in Vilnius, Lithuania 17-24 August 2019 
This time only one bulgarian chess composer took a part into the congress tourneys. But this was another great success to Petko Petkov who won 4 (!) of the tourneys - Vodka, Spisska Borovicka, Tzuka Orthodox and Fairy sections!
Here you can see his winners:
Vodka Tourney theme: S#3-5 Mates one and the same black figure on different fields. Mats should not be repeated in variants. Mats of other kind pieces, in addition to the thematic, are not allowed.
   1.Sf4~? (2.g8B+! Kf8 3.Qxf3+ Bxf3#), 1...Bc2!
   1.Sh3! (2.g8B+! Kf8 3.Qxf3+ Bxf3#)
1…Bc2 2.Re7+ Kg6 3.Qe4+ Bxe4#
1…Bb3 2.h8S+! Kg8 3.Rh6+ Bxd5#
1…Ba4 2.Rf6+ Kxe8 3.Qc6+ Bxc6#
Four thematic model mates by the single bB capturing the wQ, white battery play, white correction and wonderful construction.
Spisska Borovicka theme: Any kind of problems in 2 moves with antagonistic stipulation (#2, =2, S#2, R=2, etc...). Twins, multiple solutions, promoted pieces and also all kinds of fairy pieces and/or conditions are allowed.
In one variation, the black king plays to a square neighbouring with a certain black piece. In the other variation, the same black piece plays to a neighbouring square of the black king.
These two thematic defences by king and another piece may be played either to the same square, or to two different squares. In the diagram position, the black king and the thematic black piece must not stand on neighbouring squares. Multiple phases and changed mates are welcome, but not mandatory.
   1.Rff1? [2.Bd3#]
1…Kxc2 2.Rc1#, 1…Qxc2!
   1.Rf4? [2.Bd3#]
1…Kxc2 2.Rc4#, 1…Qxc2 2.Rd4#, 1…Qe5 2.Rd1#, 1…Ghe5!
   1.Rf5? [2.Bd3#]
1…Kxc2 2.Rc5#, 1…Qxc2 2.Rd5#, 1…Qe5 2.Rd1#, 1…Gge5!
   1.Rf6? [2.Bd3#]
1…Kxc2 2.Rc6#, 1…Qxc2 2.Rd6#, 1…Qe5 2.Rd1#, 1…Ge7!
   1.Rf7! [2.Bd3#]
1…Kxc2 2.Rc7#, 1…Qxc2 2.Rd7#, 1…Qe5 2.Rd1#
4 times realization of the tourney theme with Zagoruiko 4x2, specific fairy pins of the bQ and refutations by the bGs.
Tzuika Tourney theme: Helpself compositions (hs#n/hs=n) with at least three (stale)mates on the same square.
a) 1.Qe1 dxe1S+ 2.Kc1 Rb2 3.Re5+ Sxd3#
b) 1.Qa1 d1B+ 2.Kb1 Be2 3.Rh4+ Bxd3#
c) 1.Rb3 axb3+ 2.Kxb3 d1R 3.Re7+ Rxd3#
d) 1.Qc1 d1Q 2.Kd5 Rc2 3.Re6+ Qxd3#
Four thematic solutions with mates by the promoted black pieces and AUW combined with a white battery play - very rich thematic content!
a) 1.c8N=b Sf5=w 2.Sh4=b Ng6=w 3.Nxh4+ cxb1N#
b) 1.c8CA=b Sb2=w 2.Sa4=b CAd5=w 3.CAxa4+ cxb1CA#
c) 1.c8G=b Sa2=w 2.Sb4=b Gf8=w 3.Gxb4 + cxb1G#
d) 1.c8RO=b Se4=w 2.Sd2=b ROc4=w 3.ROxd2+ cxb1RO#
e) 1.c8LI=b Sc7=w 2.Sb5=b LIf5=w 3.LIxb5+ cxb1LI#
A really great masterpiece by Petkov! Here is the judge's comment: "If you have glanced at the solutions, you have recognised the Babson Task. This is a 5-promotion Babson combined with 5-fold sacrifice of the bS.
The bS is the real hero of this problem, a true Ulysses that wanders through 15 different squares during the 5 solutions. In each solution, the bS moves to a square so as to be captured by White’s promoted unit. This forces the black promotion of the last move, that paralyses the checking white unit but also unparalyses the bROg3 by capturing the paralysing wROb1. Only three units play during the solution, but the play is very homogeneous and the impression is powerful." 
The thematic dual-avoidance tries complete the content and enrich it: In A: 1...Ng6=w? 2.Nh4=b??; in B: 1...CAd5=w? 2.CAa4=b??; in C: 1...Gf8=w? 2,Gb4=b??; in D: 1...Roc4=w? 2.Rod2=b?? and in E: 1...LIf5=w? 2.LIb5=b??

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