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Problem 994: Valery Kopyl - Selfmate
valery.kopyl(14.07.2019) Selfmate by Valery Kopyl with Rudolf Svoboda theme which is analogue of the Zilahi theme in Helpmates.
994. Valery Kopyl (Ukraine)
S#6                        (11+5)
   1.Sc6! (zz)
1...Sf2 2.Se3+ Kf6 3.Qf1 Bg1 4.Rb4 Bh2 5.Qxf2+ gxf2 6.Rf4+ Bxf4#
1...Bg1 2.Rb5+ axb5 3.Rxb5+ Bc5 4.Se3+ Kf6 5.Qxc5 Sf2 6.Sg4+ Sxg4#
Rudolf Svoboda theme, analogue of Zilahi theme in a Helpmate. Active sacrifices of the black pieces in both variations where the wQ make the captures on the exactly same move 5.

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