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The 2nd Israel Open Chess Problem Composition Tourney 2014

chesspieces1(20.12.2013) The Israel Chess Composition Society is announcing the second thematic composition tourney which is open for all composers in the world. Prizes will be given to award winners.


Section 1: Two-movers.
Dedicated to Aaron Hirschenson on occasion of his 70's birthday

Theme: In a certain phase (set, try or solution) a mate is given on square A. In another phase (try or solution) the key is made to square A. Problems will be evaluated by the way the theme is combined with other themes/ideas.

Judge: Darko Saljic

Examples (thematic moves are bold & underlined):



Section 2: Help-mates in three moves.
Dedicated to the memory of Baruch Lender on occasion of his 100's birthday

Theme: Mate by switchback of a white piece (A). A capture of a black piece or pawn by the white thematic piece (A) which mates is not allowed. Zero position, successive twins (created from the position of another twin), fairy pieces and fairy conditions are not allowed.

Judge: Zivko Janevski

Examples (thematic moves are bold & underlined):


Entries to: Omer Friedland, Harimon 8, Givat Shmuel 54403, Israel, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Deadline: August 31, 2014. 



0 #1 Vitaly Medintsev 2013-12-23 09:47
I think the second example in section 2 is non-thematic sinсe both white pieces give mate by double check.
0 #2 Nikola Predrag 2013-12-23 14:43
Mate by switchback is presented in that example. It's obvious that it doesn't matter which piece(s) checks.
0 #3 Vitaly Medintsev 2013-12-23 20:20
A capture of a black piece or pawn by the white thematic piece (A) which mates is not allowed

...which mates...
+1 #4 Nikola Predrag 2013-12-24 03:23
There are interpretations that piece which plays the mating move - mates, even if it does not check.
This looks strange but not necessarily wrong. Check is only the attack on the King, but that's not enough for the mate. The most essential for the mate is to make sure that check can't be parried. Several pieces and factors participate in the mate, but the ultimate CAUSE of the mate is the last move by the particular piece.

Of course, speculating may be interesting but the firm definitions would be more helpful :-)
0 #5 Vitaly Medintsev 2013-12-24 08:11

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