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Задача 900: Petko Petkov - Helpmate
petko.petkov(21.07.2018) Задача номер 900 на сайта е нов страхотен оригинал от маестро Петко Петков и по неговото мнение това е един от най-добрите му помощни матове през последните години!
a)1.Qxf7! (1.Be6?) Ra5! 2.Be6! Qb2#
   1.Kxf7! Rxd5 2.Kg8 Rg5#
b) 1.Qxg5! (1.Bf5?) Ba2! 2.Bf5! Qc3#
    1.Kxg5! Bxd5 2.Kxh5 Bf7#
Thematic complex
1.TF - HELPMATE with 4 solutions (twins: 2+2)
2.IN THE FIRST PAIR: (1st solution in a) and 1st solution in b): in black play - The black Queen captures white piece after a critical move and simultaneously opens line for the white piece, then black Bishop realizes the second black self-block (here we have also anti-dual theme); white play: whire piece unpins the white Queen and then the Queen mates;
IN THE SECOND PAIR: (2nd solution in a) and 2nd solution in b) - black play: active black King- the Black King captures the white pieces then moves on g8/h5; white play: white piece captures the black Queen and creates white battery R/Q (resp. B/Q in b), then the white pieces demonstrates Switchback on the mating moves.
3.At all we have: 4 different captures (2+2) on f7/g5 combined with Zilahi - theme, critical-moves, double self-blocks, unpins by the w.Queen, Echo diagonal-orthogonal
In my opinion this complex is demonstrated for the first time.

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