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952. Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia)
H#4 2 Sol (6+3)

I. 1.Sce5 Sc6! 2.Sg4 Se5! 3.Sgh2 S5g4! 4.Sg1 Sf2#
II. 1.Kh2! Kxc6 2.Kxg3! Kd7 3.Kf4! Sd5+ 4.Ke5! Sc6#
Two absolutely different solutions united by following nuances:
- model mates by two Knights in the corner (I) and in the center of the board (II);
- wS chases a bS (I) and bK, in revenge, chases a wK (II);
- first (I) and last White moves (II) are coincided and executed after Black moves on the same square. (Author)

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