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956. Arno Tuengler (Kyrgyzstan)
Ser-S=55 (8+10) C-
1.a3-a4 9.Bh6-g7 13.Kh6-h5 17.Bh4-g3 19.Kg4-f3 20.Bg3-f2 22.Ke2-f1 24.Be1-d2 27.Kd1-c1 35.Bd8-b6 37.Kb1-a1 44.Bh4-f2 46.Ka2-a3 53.Bd8-b6 54.Ka3-b4 55.c3-c4 + Kd5-e4 =
The longest capture-free series-mover with the stipulation self-stalemate! One move could be added if moving the wK to f7. Before Michel Caillaud and George P. Sphicas published a 54-mover in StrateGems July-September 2018 with an entirely different matrix but that was cooked in the meantime. Can anybody find cooks in this new record?

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