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Problem 518: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate
zivko.janevski(01.02.2015) Zivko Janevski shows another beautiful helpmate this time an Arrival black correction theme. It is in a form dubbed as 'Harmony in disharmony' by Marjan Kovacevic. The play in each phase of the problem is related to one, two or three other phases (not necessarily to all phases)! However, there is also a common link between all the four phases.

518. Zivko Janevski (Macedonia)
H#2 4 sol. (5+10)
I. 1.S7f6 Sf4 2.e2 Sd3#
II. 1.Rf6 f4+ 2.Ke6 Sxd4#
III. 1.S5f6 Bh6 2.Qd5 Bf4#
IV. 1.Qa6 Bc5 2.Qd6 Bxd4#
Combination of Black Arrival Correction with triple self-blocks on f6 and double self-block by the BD.
- 1 solution (I solution) & 2 solutions (II and III solution) are related: Black Arrival Correction with triple self-blocks on f6 and black Square Vacation in corrective phases (II & III).
- 2 solutions (III solution and IV solution) are related: Double self-blocks by the BQ and static echo mates by the WB.
All solutions are connected by black self-block!
I try searching for possibilities of such type of multi solutions combinations!
Future form of HOTF? (Seetharaman)


+1 #1 Vitaly Medintsev 2015-02-01 15:10
One can see another connection: between II and IV solutions - mates by different white pieces on the same square

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