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FIDE Album 2010-2012 - a successful participation of the bulgarian composers! The upcoming album is for 2013-2015

ppkrassimir.gandevdkostadinovN.Beluhov(07.06.2016) Few days ago ended the deadline for sending entries for selection in the upcoming FIDE Album 2013-2015. In these albums every three years the best chess compositions worldwide are selected and published. In the last album for the 2010-2012 period, the Bulgarian performance was more than excellent:

GM Petko Petkov won new 29.5 points and increase more his lead atop the World Rankings. His impressive asset is now 454.25 points - with 126 points more than the second-placed Michel Caillaud from France! 

Krasimir Gandev added another 4 points to his asset and with 59.33 points is closer to the Grandmaster title. The necessary points to cover this highest recognition are 70. 

Diyan Kostadinov won new 19.5 points from 4 sections of the album and with a total of 28 points was approved for the title of International Master of the FIDE for chess composition. Needed points to cover the norm for this was 25.

Extremely successful was the participation of the youngest star of the Bulgarian chess composition - Nikolay Beluhov! He won 12.83 points from 15 published problems in the Retro section of the album and with this success became the sixth Bulgarian composer in the history awarded with an international title. He was titled FIDE Master of chess composition, for which according to the rules of the World Federation was needed 12 points. 

We wish good luck to our composers for  the new FIDE Album 2013-2015. Two of our representatives will be judges in it - GM Petko Petkov is a judge of Fairies section and IM Diyan Kostadinov in Selfmates.

Here are three (one by each) compositions by Petkov, Kostadinov and Beluhov who qualified in the FIDE Album 2010-2012 from the World Championship 2010-2012, where the three Bulgarians won gold (for Fairies), silver (for Retro) and bronze medal (for Selfmates).


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