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Chess problems
Problem 976: Vladimir Pankov - Helpmate
(12.02.2019) When a senior composer feels that different black play after AUW compensate for the white move repetitions (in this helpmate), perhaps he is right...
Problem 975: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover
leonid.makaronez(08.02.2019) The first threemover of the year is from our Israel master. Interesting play with try and light construction.
Problem 974: Valery Shanshin - Twomover
valery.shansin(08.02.2019) Happy to publish the first twomover of the year from our Russian expert!
Problem 973: Diyan Kostadinov - Selfmate
dkostadinov(15.01.2019) Few days ago I saw an old topic in the MatPlus forum about probably a "new theme for S#2" which grab my attention and few hours later I was ready with this selfmate. Is this the first realisation of the theme in an orthodox selfmate? Opinions!?
Problem 972: K. Seetharaman - Helpmate
(04.01.2019) Wish you all a very Happy and successful new year!  Here is the first Helpmate for the year - a simple one showing check prevention. This should encourage all to attempt more complex themes!
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