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Problem 1049: Valery Kopyl & Gennady Koziura - Helpmate
valery.kopylgennadi.koziura(31.12.2020) Helpmate with active sacrifices and change of functions by the famous Ukrainan tandem.
1049. Valery Kopyl & Gennadi Koziura (Ukraine)
H#2.5       b)Sc5-d5        (6+8)
a) 1...Sxe6! 2.Kxe6 Sbd4 3.Kd5 Bxc6# (MM)
b) 1...Sxd6! 2.Kxd6 S4b5 3.Kc5 Bd4# (MM)
Active sacrifises of the white knights with the active play of the black king.
The change of functions of the black pawns of e6 and d6: Chumakov theme.
The change functions in the play of the white pieces with the model mates.

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