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Chess problems
Problem 1002: Zoltan Labai - Threemover
zoltan.labai(15.11.2019) A nice threemover with Keller paradox by Zoltan Labai. We invite composers to send us more threemover originals. They are welcome and will be published till the end on this year.
Problem 1001: Klaus Forster - Twomover
klaus.forster(13.11.2019) Welcome to Klaus Forster! He present us a nice twomover with reciprocal changes and flight-giving key.
Problem 1000: Petko Petkov - Fairy (RAO, NAO, PAO, VAO)
petko.petkov.2(14.10.2019) Our jubilee problem number 1000 is a fantastic fairy original by the top bulgarian composer gm Petko Petkov! As he said this is one of the best his problems for the year, so enjoy the play and author's comments!
Problem 999: Miloje Ilic & Branislav Djurasevic - Helpmate
ilic.djurasevic(11.10.2019) Wonderful duplex helpmate by the serbian tandem Miloje Ilic & Branislav Djurasevic. You can see also brief biographies by both authors. Welcome to KoBulChess for Miloje Ilic!
Problems 997 & 998: Janos Csak - Helpmates
janos.csak(08.10.2019) We continue our original publications with two wonderful helpmates by Janos Csak which are with rich thematic content.
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