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Tourney announcements
Orbit Jubilee Tourneys

orbNikola Stolev 65 JT, Tode Ilievski 60 JT, Nikola Petkovski 65 JT

Klaus Wenda 70 JT

wendafeenschach is organising, as its 64th theme tourney, the Klaus Wenda 70 Jubilee tourney.

ChessBase 25 - Composing Tourney

chessbaseTo celebrate its 25th anniversary ChessBase, the world’s leading enterprises of chess software, announces a special composing tourney for endgame studies with a free theme.

KoBulChess TT 2012

king1The website for chess composition KoBulChess.com  announces its first Thematic Tourney!

Petko Petkov - 70 JT

Petko     STRATE GEMS is pleased to host a jubilee tourney for our esteemed editor and FIDE Grandmaster, Petko A. Petkov (Birthday on February 27th , 2012).
The tourney will have two sections with a free theme:

Wola Gulowska 2011
The Gen. Fr. Kleeberg’s Community Centre in Wola Guіowska announces
the twentieth second formal competition on the following section:
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