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New fairy condition - PEPO by Petko Petkov
petko.petkov.2(16.05.2019) Another great fairy invention by Petko Petkov! Here you can see his new fairy condition - PEPO with explanations and originals.
By IGM Petko Petkov
In a short form I present here a new fairy condition - Pepo, which was programmed in WinChloe (version 3,44) and provokes interest among my friends - composers.
I would like to inform readers that a much more detailed article about Pepo is published in Feenschach (March-April, 2019 ). I hope that in the coming days this number of the German magazine will be received by the subscribers.
PEPO:  1. The king is in "check" when attacked by two or more enemy pieces. In this case it is paralyzed. If there is no defence (s) from this check, then the king is mated. 2. If the king is under single attack from only one enemy piece "x", then it is also paralyzed but is not under 'check' in the orthodox sense. This is a special situation, called "First check status" (FCS), where the king cannot capture "x" but "x" also cannot capture the king. FCS may be a special introduction to the next, final stage: double (triple, quadruple...) check(s) where "x" is activated with respect to the king. 3. If the kings stand on adjacent squares then they paralyze each other, but there is no reciprocal attack between them (in other words, there is only paralysis - as in Madrasi Rex Inclusive, but there is no FCS). 4. Castling is possible if the orthodox rules are retained. A king cannot engage in castling if it is paralyzed; Castling after the Circe rebirth of a rook is possible. (Invented by Petko A.Petkov, 2019, programed in WinChloe 3,44,).
(In WinChloe 3,44 the definition is presented in a more concise form: PEPO :An attacked king has no power. In particular, he can no longer attack the opposite king. A king can be captured only if he is attacked by at least 2 pieces.)
PEPO INVERSE: It is also possible reverse form of Pepo - chess. I am currently preparing the theoretical presentation of this kind with many examples and further explanations. This kind, however, is not 100% inverse to the standard, there are many delicate moments. The definition is as follows: "The king is in check or matе when he is not attacked by an enemy piece. The king is paralyzed and under FCS when attacked by an enemy piece (the same situation as in the standard Pepo). The king is free to perform any moves when attacked by two or more enemy pieces". (Since the theory here is in development, this type is not yet programmed).
1. Petko A. Petkov
education example
1. This is a light, educational example. Here, the white king is under paralysis by the black Pg3. By definition, the king can not capture the pawn, and the Pg3 can not capture the king. After 1.Bg6!(zz) the black king plays six times on different fields. These moves follow to self-paralysis of the b.K and white gives mate through double check. Above all, let's see the first four variants in which the black king demonstrates a cross and the white rooks reciprocally change their functions, creating non-standard ecto-batteries:1…Kd4 2.Rf4#!, 1…Kf4 2.Rd4#!, 1…Ke3 2.Re5#!, 1…Ke5 2.Re3#! Still two ecto - batteries are obtained after: 1…Kxd5 2.Bf7#, 1…Kxf3 2.Bh5#. 
Though very simple, the tries 1.Rd4??, 1.Rf4??, 1.Re5??, 1.Re3?? and 1.f6?? show an important feature of Pepo: after these moves blacks are stalemate because their king is paralyzed! 1.Rxg3? or 1.Rxc3? but 1...Kf4!; 1.Rf1? Ke3!; 1.Rd1? Ke5!; 1.Bg8? Kxf3!
2. Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)
Dedicated to Christian Poisson
2.In the starting position the black king is under FCS (immobile), paralyzed by the white Gg8 (in the role of piece "x"). The key-move is paradoxical: 1. f7!! (The threat is a mate through double check after play of white direct battery Pawn/Grasshopper: 2.f8=Z#!
But now the FCS is liquidated and the black king already has 4 (!) free squares: 1…Kd6 2.f8=G#! (An ecto - battery G/NH); 1…Kd4 2.f8=NH#! (An ecto-battery NH/CA);1…Ke5 2.f8=CA#! (An ecto-battery CA/RO); 1…Kc5 2.f8=RO#! (An ecto - battery RO/G). 
These four variants demonstrate the cyclic formation of white ecto - batteries under scheme G/NH -> NH/CA -> CA/RO -> RO/G in combination with "Royal cross" and promotions of various fairy - pieces on the same square 'g8'.Here the Fairy AUW is formed by 5 different units: Zebra, Grasshopper, Nightrider - hopper, Camel, Rose. In my view, such a complex thematic complex can only be realized by applying the Pepo condition. 
It is interesting to note that this matrix allows realization in more thematic variants: 5,6 and even 7, but I will not show these versions, because they are with heavier constructions and aesthetically do not satisfy me.
3. Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria)
Dedicated to Geoff Foster
3. "Chinese Aristocrat" demonstrating the typical Indian theme for these pieces, a double reciprocal formation of white anti-batteries, a double Umnov, cycle AB/BA of black moves. In my opinion, the most paradoxical and beautiful moves in this problem are: 2.VAd5! Bf3!! (I sol) and 2.PAd5! Rd2!! (II sol.). ODT
I.1.VAb8! Kd6 2.VAd5! Bf3!! (A) 3.PAc7+ Rxd2 (B)#
II.1.PAc8! Kc6 2.PAd5! Rd2!! (B) 3.VAc7+ Bxf3 (A)#

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