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Problem 480: Eugeniusz Iwanow & Jaroslaw Brzozowicz - Selfmate
eugeniusz.iwanow(23.12.2014) Selfmate with black half-battery, black correction and careful choice of white moves by Eugeniusz Iwanow and Jaroslaw Brzozowicz from Poland. Welcome to KoBulChess to both of them! Only photo of Eugeniusz for now.
                   1...Qf7 2.Be4 ~ 3.Bd5+ Bxd5#
                   1.Qg2! (2.Sfe5+ Bxe5 3.Qd5+ Bxd5#)
                   1...Bxg4 2.Bb3+ axb3 3.Rxd4+ Bxd4#
               (2.Qf1+? d3 3.Sfe5+ Bxe5+ 4.Rf6?)
                   1...Bf5 2.Qf1+ d3 3.Sge5+ Bxe5#
                (2.Sfe5+? Bxe5+ 3.Sf6?)
                (2.Se3+? dxe3 3.Rd4+ Bxd4+ 4.Qg6?)
                   1...Bg8(f7) 2.Qf1+ d3 3.Sge5+ Bxe5#
                (2.Bb3+? axb3 3.Rxd4+ Bxd4 4.Sf6?)

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