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Problem 839: Jean Hayman & Menahem Witztum - Helpmate
jean.haymanmenachem.witztum(30.07.2017) Welcome to the Israeli expert Jean Hayman who joins Menachem Witztum to give us a delightful  blend of Goethart & Gamage unpins!






839. Jean Hayman & Menahem Witztum
(Israel)839H#2        2 sol.        (8+11) 
1.d3 Sf6 + 2.Be4 Qc1 #
1.Qd7 Sb5 2.Sf5 Sd6 #


+4 #1 Rodolfo Riva 2017-07-30 20:00
Fictitious unpins, the problem is sound also with wPh6 (without bPawns g5 and g7).
-1 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2017-07-31 06:13
Quoting Rodolfo Riva:
Fictitious unpins, the problem is sound also with wPh6 (without bPawns g5 and g7).

Jean Hayman writes about the Goethart part of the problem:

The late Uri Avner once wrote on this subject that technically superfluous units can be vital if looked at from the thematic point of view and that their suppression may be out of question.

This seems to have been the thinking of composers and judges when honoring N. E 574 and E 589 in album 1971-1973 which provokes the same question as yours.[By the way this 574 is probably the first H2 blending of Goethard and Gamage; I know only one other (from myself 1976)]

Even Gamage with 2 thematic solutions. has been highly honored in spite of problematic thematic moves: album 1989-1991 problem E 29. Here (E29)the thematic Bf3 is technically needed to avoid cooks and, but for those cooks, it could be replaced by a pion without changing the planed moves which are needed anyway.

He however agrees that Rh6 can be considered superflous in the Gamage part, as the interference and unpinning happen after the repinning of the bishop at e4.
+2 #3 Nikola Predrag 2017-07-31 13:45
Generally, a piece is superfluous if the problem is solvable without it.
wRh6 is a mere cookstopper.
From "the THEMATIC point of view", wR should at least prevent some THEMATIC cook/dual, since only then it might be "thematically" needed.

Author is expected to create such a "thematic need" which will DETERMINE the play.
1.Sf6+/2.Sd6# are determined by other reasons, with or without wRh6.

Transfer of a theme to another genre requires comprehending the essence of both the theme and the genre.
The pinning piece thematically determines the play in #2 simply because there would be no solution without it, and is thematic exactly as being needed for a thematic pin in some variation.
That's not possible in h# where something different is required to make a piece thematic.
0 #4 Rodolfo Riva 2017-08-01 08:49
To comment #2

The quoted E574 is not comparable to Problem 839.
The E589 is slightly better: the wRh5 play a role in one solution.
I don't like Problem 839 ( the wRh6 is comletely useless an can be replaced by a bPawn), however I think that (as E589) it is suitable for the FA, But don't take it for granted, as you know from score analysis and comparison of the works some judges apply a random points assignment.
I don't know the quoted article by the late Uri Avner so I don't have the pleasure to appreciate or criticize it. Idem about the E29-FA89-91. THe E591-FA73-76 is an acceptable example of Gamage in helpmate.
0 #5 Rodolfo Riva 2017-08-01 09:02
I'm sorry, E591 is wrong. Correct is E579.
+2 #6 Nikola Predrag 2017-08-01 14:11
Well, I don't think that FA should be an anthology of bad jokes.
But with growing mediocrity and hypocrisy, it goes that way :-(

'Goethart' & 'Gamage' may have a value and deserve a 'theme-name' when the pin HAS some thematic EFFECT on the solution.
0 #7 Rodolfo Riva 2017-08-02 06:56
To comment #6

Notice that in FA there is necessarily space for task problems with rather arid content as they have to publish some problems from WCCT and WCCI. So why not task problems from any informalturnier?
I don't think the FA judges are deliberately growing mediocrity. I think when some judges are busy they should resign instead of applying random points assignment (as it appears from the score analysis).
0 #8 Nikola Predrag 2017-08-02 11:32
- "So why not task problems from any informalturnier?" -

Why not, providing some task is really achieved?
+2 #9 Rodolfo Riva 2017-08-03 14:40
Some judges and readers don't care about the essence, the search for true effects could cause headaches.

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